12 Great Ways for Pastors to Make Money Fast

There comes a time in everyone's life when we need to find ways to generate cash quickly. Maybe it's to pay for something unexpected like a car repair, a medical or dental bill like braces for your child, or because you want to do something new like start a business.

And of course, due to the current COVID-19 crisis, many pastors are faced with the prospect of reduced income because churches have not been able to meet for public worship for weeks, and giving has...

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The Secret Fear That Holds Pastors Back From Making Our Greatest Impact


OK, I'm embarrassed to admit this...but I've let something hold me back for far too long, and it's kept me from pursuing one of my biggest dreams.

A dream I believe God gave me.

And that other trusted friends had affirmed and confirmed for me.

Yeah, even with that kind of clarity and affirmation from God and others...I second-guessed my big dream, and felt paralyzed from taking the action I knew I was supposed to take.

So, what was it that held me back? And...

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