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Hey, I'm Rich Avery. I’m here to help you turn your ministry know-how into sustainable income for your family, through a passion-based business you love.

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Are you one of the many pastors who long to leverage your ministry skills into a secondary income source, or even full-time income for your family? What’s holding you back? Self-doubt? Fear? Not sure what kind of business is right for you?
Discover a 4-step roadmap to transform your dreams, calling and pastor know-how into a profitable passion-based business. Whether you want to write, speak, coach, teach online, or do something else, this is your go-to guide for creating the life, impact, and income you were made for. 
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Are you ready to turn your pastoral skills into a business that provides sustainable income for your family?

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Your Church Faces an Uncertain Financial Future. But You Don't Have To!

The Church is on the leading edge of major cultural and economic shifts that will shape its future for generations.

Political and religious divisions + the Coronavirus pandemic + a growing distrust of the institutional religion by those 30 and under = a sustained, long-term decline in traditional church engagement and giving.

As a result, churches and pastors will need to adapt to a new reality, that...

The 21st Century Church Will Look a Lot Like the 1st Century Church

As the "traditional" church model becoms unsustainable, thousands of churches will have no choice but to cut staff, reduce programming, and even repurpose their buildings. Sadly, many churches will be forced to close their doors for good.

And pastors like you and me will have an amazing opportunity to reimagine our callings, and turn our ministry-know how into sustainable income through a business or side hustle that aligns with our calling, dreams, and passions.


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